Tuesday, June 15, 2004

More pictures! We got an interim camera, so we went crazy with the camera. It (Canon A75) can focus in on him, which is a dramatic improvement over the three-year-old Kodak. Hopefully the A85/A90 will be better, and out in the next few months.

The classic dog-at-rest pose.

Right after a walk. To look at him, you'd think it was 100 outside (it was only 70). What did these dogs do in Cuba, sit by the air conditioner all day?

Ela was trying out new hairstyles and hair accessories. This didn't work out too well.

This didn't work out either, but it was much funnier! It looks like we removed the top half of his head!

Ridiculous. Poor Mojo!

This hair clip looks better, but it still isn't as nice as no clip at all. It actually looks like someone stapled an object to his head.

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