Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The poop campaign is ongoing. Three trips to the outdoors today: 8am, around 6pm, and around 10:30pm. All resulted in poops. Yay! One problem now is we're running out of plastic bags (our newspaper comes in them). I'll have to start using the doggie bags thoughtfully provided by the Hillsboro parks department. Thanks guys!

Agility went pretty well. Mojo ran right across the ladder-thing, went up & down the a-frame, and went through the tunnel. He also was able to sit/stay and down/stay for a surprisingly long time, and did it while nothing really was happening (except for the instructor talking). Amazing. He did want to play with the other dogs, but kept it under control (mostly).

He said "Hi" to one of the other dogs, and got overrun by Abby (sp?) the chocolate lab when coming out of the tunnel. That shook him up a bit, but he came out OK. Gotta figure out what he's supposed to do when big dogs steamroller him, I guess.

We've got homework again, so it's back-to-training for Mojo.

We'll be heading to a groomer tomorrow, as recommended by someone from the cascade hav club. Hopefully they'll be good. Hopefully they won't be horrified by his haircut, which actually looks kind of nice now. He needs a wash, trim, ears plucked, and anal glands expressed. Yep, just another day in groomer-land. Oh, he probably needs his nails clipped too, though we do that ourselves. Ela does everything except the anal glands, but it's always nice to see what someone else does.

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