Saturday, June 19, 2004

We brought Mojo to the Portland farmer's market today. We rode the Max (light rail) in, which was a half-hour trip downtown. Mojo didn't like it much and was whining, mainly because he was in the bag the whole trip. The Max is nice (no vomiting), but a car is more convenient and cheaper.

The farmers market was fun! They had lots of stalls, lots of samples, and Mojo got lots of treats. There were cheese chunks, lamb, some beef brisket, and more cheese. He did really well walking through crowds, and even said hello to some of the other dogs.

When it comes to dogs, Mojo seems to be OK with dogs that aren't overly aggressive. Overly aggressive means rushing at him, or moving quickly towards his behind. He's OK with the "let's sniff each other and see" dogs, and tends to shy away from the aggressive ones.

He was a hit as usual, and lots of people pet him & gave him the attention he loves :)

Then we tried to get into the art fair, which was unfortunately a no-dog event. Which was kind of OK, since Mojo was getting kind of hot. We had him in the bag at that point, which probably was even hotter.

One interesting thing that happened: the director of the event came over & told us that bagged dogs weren't allowed either. Oh well. But she had a Hav as well, a small one. And she said something interesting: "looks like you've got one of the big ones."

It sounds like there are two specific genres of Havs, small ones and big ones. There might be a "small" class, which is breed-standard size: 9-13lbs. Then there are the bigger ones, which are maybe 18lbs? I'll ask on the Hav list & see.

Anyway, Mojo slept on the way home, then Ela gave him a haircut. Pictures of the new 'do will be up later as time permits.

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