Friday, June 11, 2004

We gave Mojo another dingo a bit ago. It actually was a dingo that we gave him a while ago (days?), and he went and hid it. Ela said she saw him try and bury it in one of our chairs, then near the bed, then somewhere else. It's funny, because he'd forget where he put it, then she'd ask him and he'd kind of wander around looking for it.

I found it in his blankets, and gave it to him. At first he was sort of surprised - "where'd that come from?" Then he rolled around with it a bit, then he went at it for real. He's had it for the last hour or so, and it's a sopping mess. it was only a few weeks ago that a dingo would last two, maybe three days. Now it only lasts for two or three hours.

We went by a pet store after the movie, just to see the puppies there. It was fun, but sad - they had two bichons there that were four or five months old. They looked so scraggly, and it's terrible - bichons are supposed to need company like havs, and these dogs were so old that they might never bond anymore. Sigh.

It's also kind of amazing that Mojo was that small. What were we thinking, bringing him to Cannon Beach? Oh well. We'll head over there again soon, and we'll see if he remembers.

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