Friday, June 11, 2004

We got back from a movie & dinner, and ick...Mojo ran out of pads. When he does that, he uses the next best thing: the floor. Oh no! He pooped both in the kitchen and in the upstairs bathroom. Unbelievable. We were only gone for 4 1/2 hours, and he just had to unload his bowels.

Oh well.

Anyway, Ela realized that Mojo's biting actually has a purpose. When he bites us, he's not biting - he's grabbing our hand with his mouth for something. Sometimes he lifts the hand up to say "pet me." Sometimes it's "come here and get this for me." The latter just happened when I threw his booda onto a chair. He couldn't quite get it, so he barked at it bit, then grabbed my hand and dragged me over to the chair to get it for him. How about that?

The "find it" is working, but it's really funny. He isn't using his nose, because he knows a treat is out there and he's too excited. What he does instead is watch us watch him, then takes clues about where the treat is from where we're looking. What a lazy dog!

He also really, really loves slides. We went out there this afternoon, went down the slide a few times, and after a lot of running around (nobody was around, so we let the leash go) we went to the slide again! He climbs up the stairs (they're flat stairs, like a spiral staircase) then jumps right into the mouth of the slide! Sometimes he tries to climb back up (too slippery), most of the time he just goes around. So we're tracking down an agility set, because we've concluded he's going to be too big (and long) to be a show dog. That would have been much too much work, I think. But agility is fun! He mostly follows my finger when I hold it out, jumping from armchair to least the two times we've tried. Wonder how he'll do with the posts?

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