Saturday, June 05, 2004

We had beef ribs for dinner, so Mojo got a treat...three treats, actually, as he got three beef bones (one at a time). Now he needs a bit of a cleaning, since, well, you'll see.

We were talking about dog food a bit while we watched him eat. There's a new trend in dog food (or maybe it's old, but I just read about it): raw dog food. The theory is that today's dog diets are far removed from what the ur-dogs ate back in the old days, and they in some way are optimized to eat those old diets, In short, since dogs couldn't make fire, all their food back in the day would have been raw, so dogs today should eat raw food.

Well, there are some problems with that. I'd think that most dogs over the last few thousand years have been fed mainly table scraps. I can't really see packs of wild Havanese, Maltese, Terriers, etc running around the countryside in a feral state terrorizing the local animals. Mojo goes at the bone and rips off all the meat/skin/etc, but I doubt a pack of Havs would be able to take down a cow...or a sheep, even.

Oh well, here are the pix of Mojo eating his new toy :)

The first bone. His puffiness from earlier has faded, and he's gotten all oily, enough that the camera has no problems focusing in on him anymore.

Look at that technique: he's holding the end down with his left paw so it'll be stable while he's gnawing on the other end. Pretty good, huh?

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