Sunday, June 06, 2004

We tried an experiment: we're feeding Mojo a bit of canned food every day. No particular reason, really, just to give him some variety. We got a can of dog food when we picked up the 18lb bag of "chicken soup for the puppy lover's soul," a premium dog food. I'm not sure what the brand of the wet food is, but it's got lots of lamb...and smells like cat food. There haven't been any negative effects of a little bit of wet food. Negative effects include vomiting and diarrhea/soft poo. He really likes it. One side-effect is he's more willing to do tricks and obey, because we again have a treat that he likes.

We now have, in our arsenal of treats:

* beef bones, from steaks and ribs. We throw them out the same day, though.
* lamb bone & some other bone from the pet store
* liver treats
* lamb sausage (yeah, it's still in the fridge)
* tripe (we picked up a bag when we got the 2lb bag of chicken soup)
* eukanuba biscuits (we still have these too)
* various cookies and dog food samples
* wet dog food
* random foods, like scrambled eggs
* this really bad beef jerky we got at Fred Meyer.
* hot dogs. I'm not sure what to do with these now, they're so old. There are two packs in the freezer still. Maybe we'll just grill 'em.
* dingos. But we ran out.
* pig ears.

Except for the tricks, we're getting away from using treats for a reward. We should use them more to reinforce what we trained him, but we've been kind of slacking on that. He doesn't stay (except at the top of the stair) really well anymore. He will "leave it" though.

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