Tuesday, June 08, 2004

We were up in Seattle a few weeks ago, and bought a bag of dates at one of the Pike Place Markets stalls.

Well today we went golfing, and we left the dates in a bag on the end table next to our armchairs. When we got back, the date pits were all over the floor, and one happy Mojo was looking at us, as if to say "Hey, did you guys get any more dates?"

Doh! We forgot that he can jump up on the chairs now! Luckily he left the seeds/pits on the floor instead of eating them. We have no idea if dates are good for him or not, but they don't really agree with his stomach much; he's pooped 3 times in the last 3 hours, and all of the poops have this goldeny color. Hmmm.

We're starting to work on more advanced commands like 'heel.' His attention span might be too short fo that to work right now. We're also trying something new: one of us tells him to do something while the other holds the treat. If he does it, then he gets the treat. That way he'll obey no matter who's talking, and he won't quite know who's going to give him the treat.

Another thing is when we give him a treat we put it far away from him & say "find it." Then he goes and gets the treat. That's more fun, because we can hide it somewhere and he'll snuff around for it. Thanks, "Good Dog U."

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