Saturday, July 17, 2004

The bell experiment isn't working so well anymore, for a number of reasons. First, the bell is on the first floor, so if we're upstairs we don't hear it. Second, if he does ring, sometimes we go out, sometimes we don't. If we're not consistent at it, he won't be consistent at it. So maybe we'll get a bell for the upstairs office.

Also Mojo did some heavy mental lifting today. One of the things we do to play is throw this small stuffed duck around. Mojo goes and finds it, then brings it back. Repeat.

We were playing last night, and the duck landed in a hard-to-get-to spot. Mojo couldn't quite figure out how to get it, so we helped him out. He had to jump onto a chair, then reach over and grab the duck.

Today, I put the duck on top of a yoga ball, and told Mojo to get the duck. He pushed the ball, which made the duck fall off. The problem was he still couldn't get to the duck because it was behind the yoga ball. In fact, there was no way to get to the duck...except by going through the tunnel thing we built. He kind of figured this out, then went through the tunnel, picked the duck, then came out. Whoa! What's more amazing is he did it twice, the second time so I could show Ela.

The funny thing is he had to figure it out each time. He didn't remember what he did the second time, and we could see his brain cranking away trying to find a way to get to the duck.

Well, I guess you had to be there. It's just neat seeing him thinking hard, and coming up with solutions to dog-level problems.

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