Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Here's a big load 'o pix for today.

Sleeping on my desk again.

Looking up at me. Can I come up onto the desk?

Mojo, the potato, and the beaver in action.

A lamb bone from the market. Yum!

Last week he shredded one of our papers. He's looking less-than-sorry about it. In fact, he looks annoyed that he was interrupted!

Bite the screwdriver!

At the Saturday Market.

We gave him a hard-boiled-egg one day, just to see what he'd do. He didn't really know what it was. He played with it for a while trying to figure out what it was. He'd carry it around, roll it around, and lick it. Finally he licked it enough to get to the yolk, realized it was tasty, and then he just ate the whole thing.

It might have been bad, because it might have taught him that if he keeps playing with an object it'll turn into food. It was pretty fun to watch, because of the confusion on his face.

This is a side-profile of Mojo. He looks kind of weird at this angle, and he's got quite a hunch. The hunch means no breeding for him...not that we were going to, but still. Maybe it'll de-hunch in a few months?

His head is also really big relative to his body. Maybe it's just the lack of hair?

Outside on the grass.

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