Monday, July 05, 2004

It's been a while, so here are some random updates day-by-day.


Parents arrive. Mojo seems to remember them, but he's so excited meeting new people that it's hard to tell.


Agility class! Today he learned the tire jump, the long plank (he has to walk down it), the tunnel again, then the jump. We did the rounds of the equipment a few times while Ela was talking to the instructor, with the leash trailing behind him.

With the tire, he didn't jump the first two times, but by the end he was jumping through it most of the time. He wants to go around it, I suppose.

The plank is easy (he walks up onto it and gets off easily). The problem is he might not get on at the beginning and get off at the end; he tends to jump on and off instead of walking up & down the ramp.

The jump is fine, as long as I say "jump." The first time he went around it, but when I jumped over it he followed. Can't do that in competition, though!

The tunnel he's good at, but he stopped in the middle of it once. Weird...he was just kind of sitting there, panting.


Went to the portland farmers' market and the saturday market. By the time we got to the market Mojo wanted to be carried. Geez!

He's getting along better with dogs; he goes up to them & says "hi" and will stand on his legs to greet them if he thinks they're too big. We're actually not sure why he stands up to say hello to other dogs, but he only seems to do it to bigger dogs...and to the smaller dogs that stand up.

Most of the time Mojo was at home, doing Mojo things. He always looked kind of sad when we went out, because he couldn't go with us. And he was always happy when we got back, because we were there.

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