Monday, July 26, 2004

Mojo was 12.1 lbs yesterday. It seems like he's stopped growing. He's eating, etc, so maybe he's stablized at 12 lbs?

No real news or stories, except that ever since he's gotten his adult teeth he's been biting again. Sigh...I think there was a week (before he started losing his baby teeth) where he wasn't biting us. Maybe we can get him not to bite again.

Hmm. Had a good walk/run in orchard park yesterday.

Mojo jumps up on our bed every morning to wake us up. It's actually becoming a good way to train him not to bite our hands, etc. If he bites, we "no bite" and put him back onto the floor.

Oh, and we have a totally ridiculous picture coming sometime today. Hey, something to look forward to!

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