Monday, July 12, 2004

Mojo was down on the floor next to my desk, then started growling and barking. I looked outside, and someone was walking by with flip-flops on. I pulled Mojo up to the desk, and he sat right in front of the window looking at the woman walking by. I put him down, then a few minutes later growls and barks...and the same woman was walking by again. Up he came again, and he watched as the woman walked the other way. So he either growls at the sound of flip-flops or some particular woman drives him crazy. I think it's the flip-flops, personally.

It looks like all his baby teeth are gone. It's hard to tell, but when he chomps on my fingers I peek into his mouth and all his teeth look big...and sharp. Adult teeth really do look different than baby teeth. The baby teeth were small and fine-looking. These teeth look, well, big and sharp.

Oh, funny thing. We were at Cedar Hills yesterday and ran into some of our petsmart class! Jenna's dad (the black lab) was there and said hi, and we ran into Riley and his parents. Small World!

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