Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Mojo's been doing something funny the last few days. When we go out and walk, he'll sniff around as usual, checking out all the smells. He never seems get tired of smelling the same old bush, plant, or patch of dirt.

Now, though, he's added something different: if he sees a bird hopping around on the ground, he'll go into an alert position (head up, and either standing and ready to go or sitting, tensed). Then he'll run at the bird, trying to catch it. He has no chance because he's dragging me or Ela behind him, but that doesn't stop him. We gamely run behind him holding the leash while he runs in big circles, chasing a robin.

He started doing this yesterday or the day before? I'm not sure what he'd do if he got one, but I'm not worried: it's hard enough for a cat to catch a bird, and Mojo's no cat.

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