Saturday, July 10, 2004

Mojo's been losing teeth like crazy. We found one on the stairs, and another one popped out while we were playing. For the latter one, he was tugging, then kind of spat something out of his mouth. Ta-da! Then on the way to put that tooth into our collection I saw something white on the stairs, and boing! there was another tooth!

He seems to have his biting under control, mainly.

Oh, he's 11.5 lbs as of this morning.

We're thinking of getting a cowbell that he can ring when he's hungry. He's been waking us up early in the AM. We think it's to go outside, but when we get outside...nothing. If he can ring a bell to go potty (he's been pretty good about that, I think he's got the idea) he can ring a cowbell when his food's empty.

We went to the prarie cluster of dog shows and saw a bunch of Havs. None of them looked as nice as Mojo :) but it was nice to see other Havs. As everyone there said, "you can't have just one."

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