Friday, July 23, 2004

Oh, another thing. When we do a "find it", Mojo now goes and looks in each spot that he saw us.

With "find it," Mojo sits and we'd take a treat and put it somewhere. He'd watch us, and usually he'd go to the last place and see if the treat was there. If not, he'd hunt around.

Now, he goes to each spot that we went to and check it out to see if the treat's there. Only after he doesn't find it will he go into "search mode." And in search mode he uses his nose, which is great. I still am not sure how he knows what he's supposed to be looking for. I guess if it's food, he's found it.

It looks like he remembers most of the places, maybe 5 or 6?

I should try and see if he'll do a "find it" with something else besides food. Right now if we go "where's ???" or "get ???" he'll usually go hunt down whatever that thing is. Maybe "find it" would get him to be a tracking dog, like he'd find it by scent?

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