Monday, July 19, 2004

Oh, I forgot to write about the agility class on wed. It was fine, except for the damn weave poles. Those poles are going to be a problem, because even I think they're pointless. If I think that, how am I going to convince Mojo to go through them quickly?

Anyway, some details: they raised the seesaw to its full height, but put the table underneath it so it wouldn't slam to the floor when the dogs crossed the middle. It was a good idea, because a couple of dogs were pretty freaked out by the tipping action. Mojo didn't notice; he and a bunch of the other dog sniffed/tracked their way across the seesaw without noticing anything else.

The poles were, well, poles. The first and second time he hopped across each pole crossing. The third time I had to drag him between the poles with a leash/treat. Doh!

Then there was a really big a-frame thing (we call it the plank). The dog goes up this ramp to a platform around 4 feet high, then walks across the platform, then down another ramp.

Lastly, a jump.

The weave poles were the only problem. Mojo did the plank really well, since it's just a bigger version of what he does with the local retaining walls. Everyhting else was no problem.

I guess we have to figure out a good way around the poles?

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