Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today was the last agility class. They set up a whole course, and everyone ran it twice. It was set up like this:

jump, raised platform, table, weave poles, jump, jump, weave poles, tunnel.

The first time we ran it with Mojo on-leash. He did great! He balked at some of the jumps, and the weave poles are always a problem. But overall he did pretty well. The second time we did it off-leash, and the first thing he did was take a flying leap off of the raised platform - which is around 5 feet high! Whoa! He hit the yellow end on the way down, so technically it wasn't a fault.

I didn't even notice, since I was looking ahead. doh! I have to remember to target the bottom when he's off-leash.

Everything else went pretty fine - the poles were a problem, and sometimes he wanted to go around the jumps. But overall, pretty good!

Tonight, he seemed to have figured out what "shake" means: shake hands. We were trying this before agility with no luck. A few minutes ago Ela tried it, and he did it!

Nothing else of note, really. We're not sure what class we'll do next. Puppy agility 2 isn't scheduled yet. Hopefully there'll be less dogs in it so we can do more run-throughs. Mojo was getting kind of antsy sitting around doing nothing, and was able to play a bit with the other dogs (finally!).

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