Saturday, July 24, 2004

Two funny stories about mojo from this morning!

Ela went to the gym/fitness room this morning, and took Mojo. She was doing her thing, and Mojo went off to explore. The room has equipment on one section, then there's a separate area for aerobics classes. It's got mirrors on three sides, hardwood floors, and the other side opens up to the exercise equipment.

Mojo went over there, then apparently caught sight of himself in the mirrors. Then he took off and ran into the mirror. He then started playing with the dog in the mirror (ie: Mojo) for what sounded like a really long time. He'd bark, then bow, then he'd stand up and run into the mirror, then run around & bark. Ela couldn't tell if he knew it was him or not. Things got really exciting when he got to a corner, because then there were two other dogs!

It sounds like he played with his reflections for half an hour? forty minutes? That's what happens when you leave your dog unsupervised.

The other story is what happened when they got back. Mojo worked up a sweat in the gym, and on the way back was panting (as usual). When they got home, they went upstairs, and Ela was doing morning things when she heard this weird sound. She looked around, and it was coming from the other bathroom. She went in, and Mojo was in the bathtub pawing at the bathtub spout, trying to get water to come out! She wetted him down before they went out, and he was so hot he wanted more! Unbelievable!

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