Tuesday, July 06, 2004

We found out why Mojo hasn't been gaining weight: his eating has slowed down due to his teething! He can't eat as much dry food because, well, he doesn't have enough back teeth to eat with anymore. At least we think that's the case.

We noticed after Ela made him some wet food (soaking the kibble w/water, mixing in some salmon etc). He snarfed it up, and the light turned on. We've been so busy we didn't really think about his lack of eating, I guess.

So tonight we went out and picked up some wet food for him, to tide him over. His gums bleed occasionally (not sure why), which seems to be a teething thing. Poor Mojo.

We took him out to the park and he finally got to run around again. He really loves running around, and he's gotten a lot faster (or we've gotten slower, which is more than likely). We've been lucky that nobody's been in the park, since he's supposed to be on-leash. He is on-leash but we're not holding it, so that probably doesn't count. We always call him in if we see someone, hopefully we won't get busted :|

That's all for today!

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