Sunday, July 11, 2004

We've probably got enough of Mojo's teeth to build him a new set!

This morning, he played with the poodle for a long time, then came home and had a bath. I've never seen the poodle, but Ela always seems to see them when she's out with Mojo in the AM. Go figure.

Anyway, over the past few weeks Mojo's gotten a lot better with dogs. I'm not sure why, maybe it started at agility class. But with the bigger dogs, Mojo now stands up at them (to make himself bigger?) and actively goes up to them to say hello. With dogs his size, he's friendly too. At agility, he gets distracted because of the bigger dogs, specifically Abby the Chocolate Lab. I guess he just wants to play during class...

As far as we can tell, the next class is the last class in agility 1. It seems kind of short, and there's a lot of stuff we haven't done, like those bars that the dogs walk through. Plus some of the other dogs aren't doing so well at some of the obstacles. Even Mojo could use more practice. Plus it's fun running the course!

I think we'll head to puppy agility 2, just to see what's next. After that, Ela wants him to get his canine good citizen certification, so we might do agility 2 and the kgc concurrently?

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