Sunday, August 01, 2004

Mojo's been doing something he's never done: going off to another part of the apartment to take a nap. Before, he'd always want to be near us, no matter what. Now he's old enough (or dog enough?) to wander off. Right now he's two floors down in the entryway, sleeping, and has been for hours.

Oop, I just heard his collar; he's coming up. Lots of noise outside, so I guess he woke up.

Anyway, it's interesting.

We saw a bunch of agility trials yesterday, which has inspired us to keep going on agility. Seeing a real agility competition again made us realize how different it is in puppy agility. The ring is physically much bigger, there's a lot more distractions, obstacles, and ways to screw up. Plus, it's more fun. It's funny, though, that you prepare all that time for maybe 2 minutes in the ring.

We have 5.5 more months before Mojo can compete, so we've got lots of time to learn how to do those dang weave poles. With all the other obstacles he's seen, he's fearless.

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