Monday, August 09, 2004

More pictures!

A nice side view of the Mojo.

Here's a side view with him lying down.

We got him two new toys today: a hartz tooth scrubber and a blues clues dog, to replace his beagle. He ripped off the beagle's ear a few weeks ago, but the big problem was he was eating the stuffing. At one point he was heaving a lot, like he had a ball of phlegm in his lungs. Lo and behold, he hacked out a small ball of stuffing. If he ate the stuffing it wouldn't be a problem, but inhaling it is.

Here's Mojo looking at the scrubber. He already knows what it's called, and we only used the word "scrubber" two or three times. Ela got him to really chew it by sticking lamb sausage parts in between the rubber things.

Another really hot day here in PDX, and Mojo was down on the tiles again. He's down there now, sleeping.

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