Monday, August 09, 2004

Sometimes we tease Mojo terribly.

A few days ago we opened a package: it's was an ultrasonic bird repeller (don't ask). Along with the repellers there was an owl head that you stick in a harness. Basically the birds get scared off by their natural predator, the plastic owl.

Anyway, I decided to freak Mojo out by chasing him around the apartment with the owl head, all the while making weird owl-like noises. Boy did he freak out. He was growling, barking, and running away (and towards) the owl head like crazy.

When Mojo sees something he doesn't understand, he barks. He also will lunge towards it, bark a few times, then lunge away, the bark, then maybe run around it in a half-circle and bark. Then he'll go up to it, then jump away, bark, etc. If nothing happens, he'll slowly stretch out towards it, then bark, then jump away, etc. He'll get closer & closer until he can sniff/lick the object/whatever it is.

He did this to a pile of leaves a few days ago, and it was really hilarious.

The problem with the owl is it kept chasing him, because it was attached to me. Plus it (I) was making weird noises. After around 20 minutes, I figured it was time to get Mojo renormalized to the thing, and let him sniff it etc.


The owl head, and Mojo barking at it. This was at the end of the session.

He got close, but kept his distance. Look at that stretch!

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