Sunday, August 29, 2004

Today was a bit more relaxed than yesterday's windsprints. We went down to the Pearl District with Mojo, to find some booties and rainwear. First we stopped at LexiDog, which has more high-fashion types of stuff. Some booties just didn't work, but one set (pictured) seemed to stay on pretty well.

Next was Urban Fauna, which has good everyday (but nice) stuff. Mojo got to try on some raincoats and jackets (the rainy season is coming).

Last was REI, where they only had one set of booties that kept falling off. Keeping them on seems to be the biggest problem, since if the dog doesn't try and remove them himself they fall off due to poor grip (or whatever you call it).

Then it was off to Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream, then home.

For mojo it was a fun day. He met a bunch of people and got to play a bit with other dogs, and he was able to walk around in a totally new part of the city, one that had lots of new & different odors.

Best of all, he didn't barf in the car!

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