Sunday, August 22, 2004

We were out all day, and Mojo was really excited when we got home. I think he's basically back to normal. The incision is healing well, and he seems to be behaving the same. We'll bring him to the vet on Monday for a followup.

Mojo's been jumping & running around since we got home, and I guess the incision hasn't opened, but you never know. He's going kind of stir-crazy. It's kind of bugging us, too. We know he wants to go outside, run around, etc, but he can't. Tomorrow we'll try some stuff and see.

As a side note, it's kind of fun to see what ads show up. I just lookek at the blog, and I saw a bunch of ads for dog biting. Before, there were lots of agility links. I wonder how often these pages get reindexed?

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