Saturday, August 07, 2004

Yesterday was pretty gross. We fed Mojo some new dog food and some steak, and one of them gave him the runs in a big way.

We were downstairs, then Mojo suddenly bolted upstairs. That was strange. He came back down all happy, so we knew he pooped. What we didn't know is he dropped a stinky pool of fetid liquid on the bathroom floor. Yuck! Lucky for us he knew to run upstairs to his bathroom. But I guess his bowels weren't quite in control. And man did it stink. Luckily he was on the floor, not the carpeted hallway.

Then an hour or two later he went up again with ithe the same result...except this time he dropped some on the carpet. Yuck! We got the oxy-clean out and sprayed liberally. Hopefully the landlord won't notice :(

He's stabilized today, and we're not really sure if it's the dog food, the steak, or what. The steak had a lot of spices on it (we did put it under water before we gave it to him). The dog food is new. We're not going to test the dog food, and we don't have any more of that steak, so we'll never know.

Went to petsmart and the park today. He also got to ride in the sherpa for a trip through marshalls. He's got a new harness now, because he broke his main collar (chewed off the plastic part) and he tends to make gacking/choking noises with the light blue one. The harness is harder to put on, but it prevents him from choking.

The park was fun, we did a full circuit. He was kind of tired by the end, and looked like he was ready for some more. We tried to go around again, but he only went a hundred feet or so before he flopped onto the grass, a sure sign he didn't want to go anymore.

He also got bathed. He's been barfing a little too, which makes his breath smell something awful. He got a mini-bath yesterday, and a full one today. He's gotten pretty used to bathing, etc. How about that?

The only real issue he has is those dang eye hairs. It seems that every time I look at him he's got hair in his eye, sticking to his eyeball. That can't be good.

We've scheduled him for a doggy daycare temperament evaluation on monday. We drop him off, and they evaluate him for 4 hours to see...if he's a mean dog? We're not sure what's evaluated, but it'd be nice to be able to drop him in daycare and leave him to play with other dogs. As long as they're not big dogs he'll be OK.

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