Thursday, September 02, 2004

13.75 lbs tonight. Hmmm. I guess he's stabilizing somewhat?

The other day, we were downstairs and Mojo suddently went over to the screen door. He went "ruff ruff" a few times, then broke out into real growling and howling. We were really surprised; it was the funniest and strangest thing. Apparently someone was walking on the path outside, and Mojo tends to growl when he sees people at night anyway. Those two brought out...what, the aggressive Mojo? Guard Dog Mojo?

He went to agility yesterday for the first time, and had lots of fun. He played with dogs again, and got to run the course with Ela.

Oh, the day of his howling we saw Plop and "Chicken," a minature Pincher. Chicken said hello by grabbing onto Mojo's jaw and not letting go, making their encounter a short one. Mojo was OK, but Ela had to restrain Chicken while Mojo & Plop played.

Today he was at daycare all day. He was kind of groggy in the AM, and he wasn't much better after daycare. Right now he wants to tug more.

He's actually been kind of a pest for the last few days (before agility). Keeping him inside has made him pretty annoying. He chewed up Ela's phone, and he's been invading the bathroom trash cans and gnawing on the contents (yuck, gross). He's tried to eat a few magazines, and he's been bitey etc.

According to Ela, he only bites me, so maybe he's not so bitey.

He goes in for grooming on Sunday - possibly his last cut before winter. His coat has started getting drier, which might be a sign that his adult coat is slowly coming in. It also could be because we're giving him a variety of foods now - Wysong, Chicken Soup (adult and puppy), Eukanuba (we've got a lot left), and various wet foods.

We'll be going to the vet tomorrow to see what that thing on the incision is. It looks almost like a burn scar or something like that. Very strange.

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