Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The antibiotic is working! The red thing is almost gone.

In the beginning, he would just eat his pill. By the third day he'd chew it, then drop the pieces on the floor. To remedy this we've been putting the pill into a small strip of american cheese and feeding it to him. Mojo doesn't chew the cheese, so it goes right down.

Last night Mojo got to play with 2 Japanese Chins. One of them (Ming) was older (2 years), and didn't run around much. The other one ("Foo, aka Little Bastard") was Mojo's age and was a bundle of energy. They ran all over the circular park area for around an hour (maybe 1:15?). Mojo would chase Foo, Foo would chase Mojo, then Foo would run in these huge circles.

After that, Mojo was pretty much pooped.

Today was agility day, and Mojo & Ela did great. The start was a slow one, but after they got going they were trucking over all the obstacles. Mojo seems to have figured out the weave poles, and didn't seem to have much trouble clearing the one-foot jumps.

This agility class (by BarkZone) really is better than the Pup-a-Razzi one. Not because of the instructors, but because there's so much more space. When one dog is working on an obstacle you can watch, and you can wander off and run some obstacles while-you-wait. Plus the dogs have playtime together. Pup-a-Razzi just doesn't have enough space.

Plus, Leslie gives pretty good advice/critiques.

Anyway, gotta go. More tomorrow.

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