Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mojo sleeps out in the hallway or on the floor now, thanks to his sporadic loss of bladder control when on the bed.

The other day he was really sleepy, hopped onto the bed, then for some reason unloaded his bladder on our comforter. That resulted in a lot of nature's miracle being sprayed around, and Mojo sleeping out in the hallway. Last night he slept in the room, but on the floor. I actually woke up just before he tried to jump onto the bed, and told him "off," which means I woke up around 6 times.

He did get the idea, however much he didn't like it. I think by now he's realized that peeing on the bed is a no-no.

Anyhow, he's in daycare right now, and it looks like he's having a blast!

Agility day was yesterday, and he got elevated to the advanced class :) He's just really good at it. He's having problems with the see-saw, though. He doesn't like the tilting motion, so he had to be coaxed with massive amounts of treats. Cheese alone wouldn't do it; I had to use the hot dogs from the instructor.

Still, it was pretty fun. He's willing to work at a distance, and he really, really, really likes other people & dogs. He likes us a lot, but we're not dogs :)

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