Sunday, September 05, 2004

Some more Mojo notes.

He's matting a lot. Before we took him to the groomer, we found a couple of mats. Most were on his lower jaw or on the back/underneath of his ear. Lots of mats is a sign his adult coat is coming in.

Then, after the groomer, we foundd some more small mats! Doh!

This trip should be the last trip to the groomer this year, unless we go off to warmer climes. It's getting cooler, so it should be safe to grow Mojo's coat long. We've never seen him with really long hair, so it'll be fun & interesting.

Mojo also barks more. Some new neighbors moved in last night, and the first thing that happened was Mojo growled & barked at their dog. Weird! On the way to the groomer he saw them and barked at them from inside the car!

We have to introduce him sometime soon, because it's embarassing that Mojo barks at them all the time. It's not like he's a Pomeranian.

Maybe, though, it's because he's been barking more. We got him to bark at the TV the other day. We watched a few minutes of the olympic equestrian event, and was able to get him to bark at the horses as they ran across the screen. It was funny, but maybe it's leading to more barking overall?

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