Sunday, September 26, 2004

Whoa, 5 days without an entry! That's a new record!

Nothing really's been happening of note. Mojo's cold/sickness thing is winding down. He's taken more antibiotics than I have. The sneezing is less, and he's back to normal. Hope he'll be able to go to agility on Wed...and that there is an agility on Wed.

He's gotten a lot more curious when we walk. He'll go into the woods, wander around, and generally poke into everything. He also has developed a thing for chewing on wood. He'll grab a stick, carry it, then drop it. I let him bring one home a few days ago, and he chewed it into splinters. He seems to know he shouldn't eat wood splinters, which is good.

I also changed some of his training. Now instead of "speak," I use "bark." Before, he seems to have blended everything together, so when I said "speak" he'd roll over, or whine, or stand up. Now he just barks when I say "bark."

Probably the most frustrating thing about being sick for Mojo is that he can't play with dogs. When we see dogs coming, I warn the other owner that Mojo's got a cold/is sick, and they rapidly drag their dog away. Nobody wants a sick dog. So Mojo just kind of whines and tries to go towards the other dog. If he's better by Wed, maybe I'll drop him in daycare for a few hours then pick him up to go to agility.

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