Friday, October 08, 2004

Mojo's really happy that Ela's back. When she came in, he jumped all over her and licked her for 5 minutes :) He was so excited she was home.

One funny side-effect of Ela's return is that he doesn't try and sleep on the bed anymore. It's not that there isn't enough space, so maybe he knows it's just not his place? Who knows.

Yesterday was his nine-month birthday, so we gave him a beef bone. Wow, he really chowed on that thing, and got oil, etc all over himself. Bath time! It's always fun giving him these kinds of treats. I'm sure he has no idea why he gets these sometimes, but he doesn't mind at all.

Ela deemed the boots too big. They keep falling off, so we should have gotten the smaller size. Oh well. It's funny, when Mojo wore them he'd run, because he knew that if he ran enough they'd fall off. And sure enough, they did. He sounded like a little horse, clip-clopping around.

We also went to Petsmart yesterday, where a woman said "he acts like a havanese, but doesn't look like a havanese." The short hair threw her off, apparently. Mojo also was pretty good with petting, in that he didn't jump up on the kids and most of the adults who wanted to pet him.

Oh, we're trying to teach him how to squat, like a squirrel does. Squat means sit vertically, with your hands out, like a squirrel looking around. It's pretty obvious that Mojo has no clue what we're trying to get him to do, but we'll figure out how to get him to do it. He keeps wanting to stand up instead of just sqatting on his haunches. Maybe the position is unnatural? Who knows.

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