Thursday, October 28, 2004

Well, we finally broke down and let Mojo back on the bed. He can't be on there unsupervised, which should reduce bladder issues to a minimum. I suspect, though, that all it'll lead to is picking up a suddenly-incontinent Mojo and end with him spraying pee all over the place as we try and carry him away.

It is nice to have him up on the bed. He usually doesn't sleep there; he usally just wants petting & attention, and he'll usually hop off after a while. I guess he just wants to be part of the family?

He's at daycare today. At barkzone (his daycare place) they've got a wireless streaming video camera that's still in the box. That means that when it's installed we'll be able to watch Mojo in realtime. Oh no!

He really wanted to go to daycare today. He got out of the car, pulled me over to the door, then hopped right inside. I unclipped his leash, and away he went into the dog area. I think that means we should stagger his daycare to every 8-10 days? The last two times he hasn't been really excited to go. He also hasn't been meeting a lot of dogs on our walks, so maybe he just felt the need to bond with his fellow canines.

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