Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Here are some pictures of the agility course, just so you can see what it looks like. The course is inside a barn, and it's an all-dirt floor.

This is Mojo after the first run. He loves getting dirty!

This is the left side of the agility course. That's a tunnel at the far left corner.

This is the middle area of the course.

This is the right side of the course.

The course starts at the bottom left of the left area with the jump, the chute, the next jump, then the poles. From the poles we go to the tunnel in the middle area. The tunnel entrance is on the left, and the dog comes out under the dog walk. From there we go over the A-frame (towards the viewer), then over the jump in the front. After the front jump is the see-saw, then go over to the left picture and do the two jumps, the tunnel on the back left (rightmost entrance). Then take the two jumps coming back towards the viewer, then cut across to the middle picture to the tunnel below the dog walk. When the dog comes out of the tunnel he goes up on the dog walk, then goes down the walk to the rightmost picture where he goes through the tire.


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