Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's been over a week since the last post. Whoa!

Anyway, let's start from last Wed. Mojo actually did poop, on one of the carpets. Yuck! But he wasn't pooping much.

Thanksgiving was fun, especially for Mojo! He got to play with all these people, and he was (unbeknownst to us) scarfing floor food. This led to the "my dog has chalky white poo" syndrome, where all his poo was white and powdery. According to sources online this is a symptom of a dog that isn't producing enough bile. Mom caught him chomping on a turkey bone, and the vet theorized that his bile was busy digesting the bone. We fed him some eggs, and the next day his poo was brown & stinky again. Maybe the eggs helped, maybe his transition back to normal food occurred.

Mojo was kept busy by all the action around the house. He chased the cats around until they either ran outside or hid in their cat-tree. He played with the twins, or with mom, or with us, and basically was active non-stop. He also had an unfortunate tendency to bark and howl at night when he heard strange noises, like someone walking downstairs. He howls first and then goes to check it out later.

On the way back Mojo was much the same: he slept the whole time, and didn't make a sound. This bodes well for his next trip, which will be substantially longer.

Right now he's sleeping, as if he's catching up on all the napping he wasn't able to do in NY.

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