Monday, December 20, 2004

It's been a while since the last post. We've been so busy there hasn't been much time.

Anyhow, we flew to Manila on 12/15. On 12/14 we got our health cert and a bunch of documentation required by the philippine government. We also discovered that we were supposed to get some form from the FDA, which we didn't have. Oh no!

But nobody seemed to care when we were at the airport. We showed the health cert, we paid the fee, and off we went. Mojo was in his sherpa, and he was pretty much silent and patient for the whole 17 hour trip. What a world traveller, huh?

When we got here, we took him through customs with no problems. The funny thing was when we got to the customs inspector. We marked "something to declare" which confused the first inspector. It took her a while to send us over to the livestock guy.

The livestock guy looked over the papers, gave us a receipt, and we paid like P200 for some kind of tax/fee. Then we were ready to go.

Mojo was shaking when we went out of customs. I guess the smells and sounds were overwhelming, especially after 17 hours in a bag.

So far, Mojo seems to have adapted pretty well. He didn't eat for the first two days, which apparently is normal for him when he travels; the same thing happened over thanksgiving. Just like thanksgiving we experienced the ritual of "waiting for the poo." He finally pooped on day two, what a relief. He's slowly started to eat his food again, after a few days of fasting (for whatever reason - maybe because of the time change?).

Anyway, more later...

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