Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hmm, December 30 is too long. But it's been so busy that I haven't been able to post.

First, we're back home. Mojo's in daycare today. He was so excited to go he was practically jumping out of the car. I guess he wanted to tell his dog-friends what he's been doing? Either that, or he wants to run around for 10 hours with beings that don't get tired. I'm guessing it's the latter.

We've discovered that when Mojo goes somewhere new, it takes him about 2 or 3 days to start eating. When we got home he chowed down immediately. I'd guess that if we went off to NY he'd eat immediately too.

He lost weight while in the PI; he was around 14 lbs and a bit when we got back. The lack of exercise took its toll. One good thing is that if he isn't active he doesn't eat, which is good. That means we won't have an overly fat dog.

We left him with the ya-yas (maids) for three days when we went to Bangkok. No real problems there, except he matted up big-time. Right now his coat is kind of patchy, because of all the mats we had to cut out.

In fact, the only problem Mojo seems to have now are mats. They pop up everywhere. I thought his adult coat was in already, but maybe it's just coming in now? Maybe the heat in the PI caused his coat to stop growing? He's got lots & lots of mats.

Yesterday was agility, but we're too tired to go. I think we'll do an obedience class, since it's inside where it's warm. Ela wants to teach Mojo how to heel this year, so it's a perfect time.

We taught Mojo a new trick in the PI: bark on a hand signal! We were tired of saying "bark" and Mojo not doing anything, so we got him to bark when we made a "talking" motion with our hand. He picked up on it really fast, showing that we're wasting these opportunities to teach him new tricks. Oh well, we can only do so much.

Mojo seems to enjoy being back. He definitely enjoys going for walks. We've been outside multiple times the last few days, and he's never tired of it. We had to move the "go outside" bell, because he kept ringing the freaking thing. The cold weather doesn't bother him at all; he'll keep walking, sniffing, and running around for as long as we let him. We haven't been to the big park yet, but he's happy enough in the areas around here. He doesn't seem to miss all the people; he hasn't looked for them since we've been back. I suppose he knows that different people are in different locations, so it's pointless to look for people that aren't here anyway.

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