Thursday, January 13, 2005

I brushed out Mojo last night. It's probably the first full brushing he's had in, well, a month. I probably got a full Mojo worth of hair out of him.

Ela also cut his nails.

Luckily, he was asleep most of the time, due to his 10-hour romp in day care.

It's pretty amazing how much dead hair a Hav can carry around. I think all those mats are basically dead hair that sticks around, forming little knots that tangle around normal hair (the same way electric cords seem to tangle by themselves). All that dead hair made his coat a bit rougher, not sure why that is. After the comb-out, he looks sleeker, and his fur is softer in parts.

Maybe it'd be better if Havs did shed. Mojo would have turned into one big mat after a few more weeks, but if he shed he wouldn't mat.

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