Wednesday, January 19, 2005

We changed Mojo's food to Nature's Recipe because we had a coupon for it. I guess we're trying for some variety, as it probably gets pretty boring eating the same old dry food every day.

We also got a can of "Green Tripe." Whoa, that stuff smells terrible! And a bad smell means (you guessed it) that Mojo loved it! We only gave him a teaspoon, but for the rest of the night he was wandering around trying to figure out how to get more of it. I forgot how much Mojo loved the little chunks of tripe, and well, he really really really loves tripe.

It smelled so bad that Ela plastic-wrapped and ziploc'd the bag when she put it in the fridge.

Anyway, the Nature's Recipe gave Mojo a lot more energy. A whole lot more, up to the point where Mojo's kind of annoying. Every minute or two he's bugging me: do you want to play? Do you want to play? How about playing now? Are you done?

When I start throwing his bunny around (his brand new favorite toy), he runs all over the place at full speed. Lamb and Rice = crystal meth for Mojo.

The only problem with NR (which may not be a problem) is he only pooped a little. With Eukanuba (we still have some left) Mojo would have these enormous poops. With Chicken Soup he'd have sort of normal sized poops. With NR, he's not pooping much at all. Superior digestibility, or constipation? It's hard to tell. At least his stomach is mature enough that switching foods doesn't cause diarrhea (yet - fingers crossed).

Mojo's home alone today, so we gave him a ham bone that we picked up. We got all this stuff at Pets on Broadway, on Broadway. They're the one with the dog washing box, which I want to try someday. It's a machine. You put your dog in, and your dog gets washed and dried. You can watch, or leave and come back. I don't think Mojo would like it too much, but it looks like it might be fun to watch.

PoB doesn't have enough treats, but it has lots of different dog food brands.

It's strange to think that it was probably a year ago that we saw that small maltese in Scamps', which set us down the "get a dog" road. This weekend is the first dog show we went to (Rose City Classic), where we watched agility and saw dog stuff. Soon (1/29) it'll be Mojo's birthday (whoa!). Maybe we'll get him a steak? :)

In April, we'll go back to the dog show (Mojo's first or second big outing). Neat!

Mojo is also mat-free as of his last bath. Ela also trimmed the hair on the bridge of his nose, between his eyes. It makes it easier for him to see, and looks nicer. Soon she'll get a grooming kit, and she'll cut/groom him and learn how to express those anal glands (yuck).

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