Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mojo did a funny thing yesterday.

We had KFC for dinner, and tried their popcorn chicken. Why not, right? So obviously, we gave one to Mojo. He was asleep (he had daycare so he was tired), and I held it under his nose. He started sniffing, and slowly realized there was a yummy piece of chicken under his nose and woke up.

So we were almost done with dinner, and we had eaten on the sofa. Ela saved one last popcorn chicken on her plate. We both left to get something to drink, and when we came back, you guessed it! The chicken was gone. And where was Mojo? Slowly slinking back into his original position. Busted!

When he saw me, he looked so sad, like "oh no, I've been caught, and they're going to take away my chicken!"

Of course, I told him to drop it. He slowly looked up, slowly shuffled his paws, and slowly let the tasty, crispy, golden treasure drop out of his mouth onto the sofa. Good dog!

Then I had to give it back to him, after a little lecture on how he shouldn't be doing that. It's not like we could eat it, right?

It's so funny, though, how he knows he's been bad. Hah!

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