Friday, March 04, 2005

Mojo's coat seems to be coming in well. It's mostly transitioned into the smoother coat. He still gets lots of mats, but they tend to be smaller now (whew!).

He's gone to 16 lbs, hopefully he'll stay there.

Next week we're going to try an experiment: we're going to board him at daycare for a night. We're going on a trip and plan to board him there for 12 days, so we're going to try and acclimate him to it first.

The problem, though, is he really needs to be brushed every two to three days. That's not going to happen at daycare/boarding, which means he'll be one big mat when we get home (even one day at daycare mats him up a bit). So we'll probably cut off all that hard-won hair before we go. Doh!

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