Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mojo seems to be fine! We picked him up on Monday, and he was a bit dazed, but today he's sort of back to normal (as are we).

We actually had a obedience class yesterday, and we're learning "heel." Mojo's starting to understand the difference between heeling and normal walking, and we are too. It's interesting that you can read stuff in books, but most of the time it's easier to have someone explain it while you watch. We've read all kinds of stuff about how to teach heeling, and well, it's really not as complicated as the books made it out to be.

The good thing for Mojo is he gets treats again! We bought some new treats (we were all out), and he really loves them. We also picked up another roll of the dog food/treat (the sausage one) so when we run out of treats we've got a backup. He really loves that too.

So the verdict? Mojo seems to be OK with long stays in daycare. He lost weight, probably from the intense exercise he got from running around with fellow dogs all day. But he seems to be happy that he's home :)

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