Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mojo was at daycare for a few hours yesterday. He really loves it, and it probably was fun for him considering it's been a few weeks since he's played with other dogs.

We've mostly perfected two new tricks for Mojo: "call" and "table."

Call = find the person, whack them with your feet, then run back to the original person. It's like having an in-house pager. A small, fuzzy pager, but a pager nonetheless.

The only problem is that there isn't a message - just someone called you. Still, it's better than yelling.

"Table" works like the agility table. Say "table" and point, and Mojo will jump on top of it. As a bonus, he'll do it at a distance. That'll come in handy in agility.

One thing that's odd about Mojo's response to the "bark" command is it's so inconsistent. Sometimes he just doesn't want to, sometimes he does, and if you have food, he almost always will. I guess barking isn't something he normally would do. I say that even though he spent 12 minutes howling at something he saw outside.

I can't get him to howl on command, either.

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