Monday, April 18, 2005

Mojo's barfing seemed to be due to his bunny toy. Maybe the fibers were, well, we're not really sure why.

Mojo seems to be fine, and in much better spirits now that he's not barfing a lot.

We picked up 6 plungers, and have started weave pole training. That's a lot more fun than obedience, in my opinion. The weave poles are the only problem obstacle, so maybe in a few weeks he'll be doing them for real. Right now the poles are in an "open" formation (with a path down the middle). We'll be shrinking the path every few days, and hopefully Mojo'll figure out what he's supposed to do then.

The dog show was fun! We got lots off food samples, but not a lot of treats or toys. There seemed to be fewer vendors this year, but a lot more dogs. Mojo was totally exhausted by the last aisle, and we were carrying him by the end. When we got home, he pretty much passed out. He had a lot more energy last year, I think.

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