Sunday, April 24, 2005

We took Mojo to Forest Park today, and headed down the Wildwood trail. With the rain, the trail was really, really muddy, which didn't faze Mojo at all. He was trucking along, having a great old time.

The problem, though, is he got really muddy. Really, really muddy. We went a few miles, so it was a few miles of mud.

So the solution was: AquaDog, the self-service dog wash! We drove down there right after, and wow! it was a lot easier to wash him at the dog wash than at home. First, two people can fit around the bathtub, so we can both shampoo him. Second, they have this hair dryer that pumps out air like crazy (though it's lukewarm air). Even lukewarm air does the job of drying him out.

Ela didn't have enough time to try the electric clippers, but we'll get that next time.

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