Friday, May 20, 2005

Mojo finally went to daycare yesterday. He was only there for a few hours, but he really wanted to go. When we got there, he practically flew towards the door of the daycare place. In the atrium, he was chomping at the bit, trying to get in.

He was only there for a few hours, but he definitely got his fill.

He also got a beef bone (we still have a bunch of them in the freezer) and a dingo. It's so funny when Mojo eats a beef bone. He can't help but growl if you touch him. You can touch him and he growls - then you move your finger away and he stops. He's got some kind of switch that he can't control!

The good thing is he drops the bone on command. It takes him a few seconds, but he does it. Whew!

After we took the bone away, we gave him a Dingo, which made his day even more!

Now he needs another bath and a haircut. Oh well, maybe next week.

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