Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mojo'll do anything for chicken strips.

I just got one, and made him stay downstairs for 10 minutes. After 10, I said "take it," and he spent the next few minutes running around upstairs trying to find it. Yum!

Yesterday we went for a jog with Mojo. Yep, a real jog. He got used to the idea that he couldn't stop pretty quickly, and ran (or hopped) most of the way.

The funny thing is at the end we went by the pool (our complex had a pool). In the pool was a duck, casually swimming around. Mojo saw it and was intrigued. He ran towards it, and the duck swam away to the other side of the pool. Mojo ran to the other side of the pool, and the duck swam to the opposite site. This went on for about 8-10 minutes. Mojo would run, the duck would swim, Mojo would run, the duck would swim, etc. He could have stayed there for hours, running back and forth. The duck looked so relaxed, slowly paddling away.

If Mojo could swim, that duck wouldn't be so relaxed. But alas, he can't - as far as we know. We never trained him to jump into a pool of water. He'll run into the ocean (and jump into a stream), but jumping into a pool is a bit much. But I would have loved to see him take a flying leap at the duck.

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