Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mojo's PetSmart classes are almost over. He's gotten really good at ignoring distractions and obeying commands. He might even be ready for the Canine Good Citizen test...someday. His problem with the CGC is that he's not supposed to be excited when seeing a new person. That's practically impossible for Mojo to do. On the other hand, we never thought he'd be able to sit still for food.

We're doing a bit of agility training at home, specifically the weave poles. We bought 6 plungers (they were on sale) and line them up every once in a while. For weave poles, they have to be straight and 18 inches apart. We offset them a bit, they way it's described in the book.

Well, Mojo runs them fine when they're offset. When they're straight, he has some problems. Every once in a while he'll run through the straight ones, but it's obvious from how he looks that he's not quite sure what he's supposed to be doing.

When he starts off badly we say "No." Then he sits and looks at us as if to say "what?" Then we get him to go back to the beginning and try again.

There are times when he just goes through them, and it's really neat. We get all excited and do that high-voice praise thing, but I'm not sure he can tell the difference between a successful run and an unsuccessful run.

All he knows is that sometimes he gets a chicken, and sometimes he doesn't. Maybe a thousand more times and he'll get it? Doh!

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