Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well, we're back!

Last weekend we drove down to St. George, UT. 17 hours there and 17 hours back. Oy!

Mojo was pretty good during the drive, and caught up on his sleep. He slept on top of his sherpa, which acted like a hammock of sort.

During the trip, we noticed a couple of things. First, Mojo really doesn't eat during his first few days in a new place. That happened in Manila, and it happened here. He won't eat his normal food, but he'll eat treats and such. Maybe he's trying to figure out the area, and doesn't want to eat? Maybe he's waiting for some random animal to come by and eat his food, so he can see if his food's been poisoned? Maybe he's waiting for treats?

Who knows. He basically didn't eat for 2 days.

Second, he's getting to be a watchdog. If something happens that's "unexpected," he'll start howling and barking. Why? Who knows? We were out on the porch one morning, and someone came into the dining room (next to the porch). There went Mojo, howling away. And it was someone he knew!

On the way home, we stopped to get gas. The attendent came out, and Mojo went off like a siren. Arrgh! Having a dog suddenly howl in your ear at 11:30 PM is incredibly annoying, especially after 11 hours of driving.

Third, he really learns fast. One of the titas (aunts) taught him a new trick with his new toy. It really didn't take long for him to figure out when she was saying.

Anyway, Mojo was a hit, as usual. He seemed a bit more put out because Ela & I weren't there all the time, but he definitely enjoyed the company.

Wait until this weekend, when he's got the whole family to play with in Atlantic City. His howling makes us kind of nervous, since the facility is a "no pets" facility. In SC he didn't howl, so it wasn't an issue.

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